TOLOCO Inflatable Costume Adult, Inflatable Halloween Costumes, Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, Blow up Costumes

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  • 100% Polyester
  • One size fits all adults, contain a matching cap
  • Requires 4 AA batteries, batteries are not included, it must be 4 AA batteries or it will not be powerful enough to fully inflate the costume
  • Please turn on the fan after wearing. The wind will fill the costume very quickly. Please clip the battery pack on belt, don’t ever put it in your pocket, or the device will overheat and burn your leg
  • Please tighten the outer ring in place to hold the fan before putting on the costume, otherwise, loose outer ring can cause the fan to fall off during moving
  • There are elastic band on the waist and ankles to keep the costume inflated for a long time

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Package Dimensions

1 x 1 x 1 inches; 2 Pounds

Date First Available

September 24 2022





8 reviews for TOLOCO Inflatable Costume Adult, Inflatable Halloween Costumes, Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, Blow up Costumes

  1. mond

    Good fitMy size is 44 and 6”2 , I was expecting this won’t fit but it was good , my kids go crazy when they saw me wearing it , they loved it

  2. Trevor J

    It looks like you’re riding a real Dino!Picture me, an older gentleman without an accomplishment to his name, except for two beautiful angels who I happen to call my children. Now, I, like most fathers, would do anything for my sweet babies. Plan out a Halloween costume for ol dad in advance is not something that crossed my all too smooth brain, however. So the week of my daughter’s preschool Halloween “trunk or treat” is suddenly upon me, and I haven’t got a clue what to do. “Isn’t showing up and passing out candy enough?”, I ask my mentally drained wife. She explained that I would show up in some sort of costume or she would send someone to talk to me- someone who would be wearing the costume of a divorce lawyer! “What are you dressing up as?”, I threw out as a distraction, confident I had just settled the argument. She basically implied that she didn’t love the children enough to go (that’s how I took it anyway). Suddenly a website flashed in my mind –!I found this hilarious inflatable dinosaur thing and I ordered it as fast as my fingers would allow me to! It arrived right on time and fit “like a glove!”, to quote my man Ace Ventura! I showed up to trunk or treat and sneakily put it on. I saw the kids start to walk into the parking lot and flipped the switch on the inflation device and waited for the chuckles to spill forth.And spill forth they did! Even a guy with tattoos on his neck and face laughed at my get up, probably wishing he had gotten one for himself. I plopped on the little hat that came with it and rode my “wild stallion” all around the parking lot, and was greeted by many cheers and applause. And the funniest part – my daughter didn’t even recognize me! I kept saying “Look honey it’s me daddy!” and she just ignored me, pretending like she was embarrassed or something. Lol!So go out and get this thing! I did it, and you’ll be glad you did too!

  3. Jacob Cunningham

    Not all motors are made equalUpdate: I have worn this 4 different times now and there are a couple things to note. 1) Use brand new, name brand batteries. I used some no-name batteries that were new and it affects the blower performance. New, brand name batteries will get your dino filled more fully. 2) Be prepared to replace the batteries every 45 minutes to an hour. The motor will still work after 45 minutes, but your costume won’t be as inflated and it will definitely be noticeable. 3) I actually won a contest at my work with 450 employeea in one of these. Also, I went to a mall with it (took young kids there to trick or treat) and every pointed at me and laughed and talked about my dino riding. A few people asked for my picture. People will like it. 4) It is super cumbersome to walk around in. It actually looks really funny when you are walking around, but expect tired glutes and leg muscles.Let me start by saying that I am 6’5″. I was able to make this costime work. I also wear size 15 shoes. The feet on this are made for people with smaller feet. There is a cinch around the feet that keep air from escaping as well as one you handle around the waist. My shoes stuck out from under the dino feet and after wearing twice, I was tearing the cinches for my feet because mine are too big. Height-wise, I could make this work.I have two major issues with this: it didn’t fully inflate and the strap you hold on to tore off of one side very quickly, even though I wasn’t holding it some of the time. That part seems very cheaply added. The inflation comes from the motor as I was sure no air was escaping. Thr dino looked wrinkled because it wouldn’t inflate. Needs a stronger motor.Overall, it works (kinda). It fit (kinda). And I could wear it and people could tell what I had on (kinda). It is VERY difficult to move around in, so any work setting where you have to have a costume that you can work in will not work woth this costume.

  4. Tia

    Life Of The PartyThis costume brought a lot of laughs and fun, the only thing was the feet wouldn’t fit around my fiancé’s shoes and he wears an 11.5, so if you’re worried about your shoes being exposed, the feet part doesn’t really do much to cover them up. Also the piece that comes with the costume to inflate it, is very is to break. He dropped it one time and it broke into pieces, he was still able to use it but just a warning. I think the costume is great and a good price

  5. James Coleman

    Fun for a time or two bit it will probably tear at stitchesBe careful putting this on and around any corner, the straps and stiching are cheap and come apart easily but for a fun costume for a time or two it will probably make it through the event. You might need some tape though. Doesn’t get to hot compared to enclosed T-rex inflatable

  6. Sleepy

    Great costume, easy to use and assemble. This costume brought back joy to Halloween for me. The costume looks real and believable. The fake legs seemed a little short compared to my body and arms, so I had to hike the costume up above my belly button to get the right effect (5’7″). I really like how easy flowing the costume dino character was when inflated. I initially was worried that it wasn’t rigid enough and there wasn’t enough flow, but this allowed lifelike movements by the dinosaur when I walked. The costume was simple to set up and take down… I was dressed/ undressed in less than 5 minutes. I wore jeans underneath and experienced no discomfort with the costume over it. The costume breathed well, especially since air was consistently being pumped in with the fan. The fan for the costume is powered a battery pack of 4AA capacity. I found it more reassuring to plug it into a power bank instead. Combining the ease of use and the look, it will be a hard costume to top without extra effort. The costume is wide and long, so be wary about bumping into things or people, but ic you ruin into something, at least it makes a light impact.

  7. C Gangaware

    Gets noticedProduct does what’s expected except the fan does not do a good job of keeping inflated while walking. When standing still the costume does stay fully inflated but when walking the head loses alot of air. Easy to put on and take off.

  8. Danielle

    So fun, but stitching wasn’t great and fans died.It takes 5 AA’s and only lasts the duration of one party? It was a hit for a costume but the seams on it were poorly done so it didn’t hold in air amazing either, probably exhausting the fan.

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