Stainless Steel Biscuit Mould Rabbit Egg Cake Mould


Product information:

Product Category: Cake Mould
Shape: Cake
Material: Stainless steel
Uses: DIY cakes, rice balls, biscuits, fruit cutting molds
Specifications: Bunny Head F, Bud Tulip, Cross F, Cross G, Cute Chicken, Butterfly B, Rabbit Girl, Rabbit Head C, Broken Egg Rabbit, Carrot A, Selling Cute Rabbit, Rabbit Head D, Basket, Rabbit Type B, Tulip Type A, Butterfly, Kenny Rabbit Head, New Rabbit Head, Sheep, Cross H, Rabbit, Carrot B, Cross A, Rabbit Head E, Chick, Happy Rabbit, Rabbit Head , Peter Rabbit, six petal flower, small egg, medium egg, large egg, long-eared bunny head, radish

Packing list :

Cake mold*1

Product picture:

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 30 cm

Basket, Broken egg bunny, Bud tulip, Bunny girl, Bunny head with long ears, Butterfly, Butterfly B, Carrot B, Chick, Connie Rabbit Head, Cross A, Cross F, Cross G, Cross H, Cute chicks, Happy bunny, Large eggs, Medium egg, New rabbit head, Peter Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit B, Rabbit head, Rabbit head C, Rabbit head D, Rabbit head E style, Rabbit head F, Radish, Radish A, Sell cute rabbits, Sheep, Six petals, Small egg, Tulip A


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