Black V Halloween Horror Glowing Mask



1, harmless: no UV, no adverse effect on the human body.

2, the shape of everything: according to customer demand for the production of different shapes.

3, low power consumption: in the low power will be when the light, milliwatts power consumption.

4, can be folded: in a variety of shapes can be light, can bend to fit the shape of the product can even be folded.

5, no heat: electroluminescent film is a cold light source, the work of the base no temperature, the working temperature is lower than the fluorescent lamp.

6, uniform light, soft: the light does not blink, will not make the eyes produce tension, fatigue.

7, good impact resistance: electroluminescent film and other light emitting devices, it is not easy because of the impact of the outside world and failure.

8, long life time: 10000 hours


Material: plastic

Size: 25

Color: red, blue, yellow, green, purple

Product features: always on / flash slow / flash / off

Type: ordinary, voice control

Package Content:

1x Mask

Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 190 × 220 × 110 cm

Blue, Blue Red, Blue Voice control, FCT green Voice control, Fluorescent green, Green, Green Voice control, Ice blue, Ice blue Voice control, Lime green white, Only box, Orange, Orange Voice control, Pink, Pink Voice control, Purple, Purple Voice control, Red, Red Voice control, White, White Voice control, Yellow, Yellow Voice control, Yellow blue


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